I am a Polish architect living in Barcelona and since I moved here, I started my own ceramic studio. Ceramics was always in my interest, but I've never had enough time to develope it, so that's one of the reasons I left stresfull architect's life and started doing ceramics. Finally I could feel the diference between designing on the screen and creating a piece with my own hands, throwing my own ware on the wheel, firing, glazing it and let it serve.


I work mostly with porcelain and stoneware fired up to 1260°C which allows me to leave material visible and untouched as much as possible, but utilitarian at the same time. I usually glaze my pieces only inside leaving the exterior surface raw and natural. This rough touch of ceramic material is essential in my work.


In turbot design I mix traditional craftmanship with contemporary design to create unique ceramic wares.

Clases de cerámica/ nuevo horario

Clases, cursos y más. Os esperamos con nueva energía y pilas cargadas después de vacaciones.

Desde el mes de septiembre cambio del horario:

Lunes/ miércoles: 17 - 21h

Jueves: 11 - 14h

Los precios mensuales siguen iguales:

40€ - 4h

80€ - 10h

(Material y hornadas de baja incluidos.)

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COWORKING space available

If you're an artist living in Barcelona and you need a space to create or fulfill a short artistic project, contact us to find a perfect place for you.

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